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Why do I have to update my

 Fire Extinguishers, Exit Lights and Fire Suppression Systems?




 It is a State Law!



If you think that you are getting away with something because the Fire Department didn’t get to your business to check your Fire Extinguisher Tag, or see that your Exit Light Sign isn’t working… Your not!


If there is an unfortunate event that occurs at your business and the Fire Marshal finds that your Extinguishers were not up to date and your Exit Lights were not in good working order..  You will be to blame!  Furthermore, you will not receive any compensation for your loss, and could be held accountable by law.


We at AA Fire Protection will make sure that this does not happen to you!  Your local Fire Department and the Insurance Companies try their best to insure that your Fire Safety Equipment is kept up to date by enforcing these laws. However, it is often impossible to keep up with all of the businesses in the area.


We have a proven way of never letting your Extinguishers, Exit Lights and Fire Suppression Systems become past due!  We want the responsibility put on us to protect your business and employees. We will not only keep your equipment up to date with current tags, but we will also give you the proper paperwork to turn into your Insurance Company.  In addition, we will keep a copy of your records at our shop, and provide your local Fire Department a copy as well. You will be protected by three entities.


Right now, at AA Fire Protection newest shop located in North Ridgeville, you can bring in your Fire Extinguishers and we will update the annual tags for $1 (one dollar) each. We will also go over your Fire Extinguisher with you and explain in detail if your Fire Extinguisher needs replaced or updated in other ways, including 6-year maintenance or hydro test.


If you wish to save the gas and have us come out to your business to service your Extinguishers, Exit Lights, or Fire Suppression Systems.. Simply call us, and we will have a professional technician come out and give you a free estimate of what it will take to get your business up to date.


We guarantee low prices and we will make sure that all of your fire safety needs are fulfilled.  This service will be continued year after year, guaranteed!


If your Extinguishers are past due, do not have annual on them, or you are not completely satisfied with the service company you are now using…  Stop by or Call today!!!


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