EXIT / EMS Light Service and Inspection


Emergency Lighting Testing is found under the three following Fire Codes…

NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code)

NFPA 70 (Electrical Code)

OSHA (29CFR1910)


Emergency Lighting Test Records for your business are kept by the AA Fire Protection Company. In addition to our keeping of your records, a copy of our Emergency Lighting Worksheet will be provided to you, as well as the Authority Having Jurisdiction in your area.  This means you will be protected by three different entities, in the event of an accident.


AA Fire’s Exit / EMS Light Service and Inspection includes…

·       An Emergency lighting test record label, which certifies your Exit / EMS Light for a 12 month period.

-       The label will show if any bulb or battery changes have been done to the unit.

-       The test label is affixed to the light and will show the month and year that the light was tested.

-       The test label will also show all records of any service done to the unit, or an installation of a new unit.

·        A Complete load test of the units battery(s)

·         Cleaning of the Light Fixture

·        Changing of the Batteries / Bulbs

·        Installation of new light fixtures

·        Maintenance of the light fixture

·        New Bulbs (at our companies cost)

·        New Batteries (at our companies cost)

·        New Test Labels annually

·        Test Records of all Exit / EMS Lights will be kept off sight by AA Fire  Protection, a copy given to you for your records, as well as, a copy given to  the AHJ in your area.



The Price for Exit Light Service and Inspection is $10.00 per unit


The Price for EMS Light Service and Inspection

is $5.00 per unit



Attached are copies of the NFPA and OSHA Codes listed above. Please call us today and we will come out and go over this program with you, as well as, provide you with a free quote for your facility.



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