AA Fire Protection provides many different fire sprinkler system training programs and are available for consultation at any time for questions or concerns. Below is a list of some of the training services we provide:


  • On-Site Management Instruction
  • On-Site Company Instruction
  • On-Site NFPA 25 Fire Pump Instruction
  • On-Site NFPA 25 Wet System Instruction
  • On-Site NFPA 25 Dry System Instruction
  • On-Site NFPA 25 Preaction System Instruction
  • On-Site NFPA 10 Live Fire Extinguisher Training



Training All of Northern Ohio


Free Extinguisher Training Seminars



Training seminars are free of charge; however, we do charge for the recharging of


extinguishers that are used during the training. The recharge is at a special/discounted rate for


training classes only.  This fee will vary depending upon the number of trainees attending, and


the number of Extinguishers used.


Training will include proper use of a Fire Extinguisher, as well as individual hands on training. We


will also focus on safety precautions such as: When and when not to fight a fire, how to go


about fighting a fire and which extinguishers are used for the various types of fires.



Recharge of a 5 # Dry Chemical Extinguisher………. $25.00

Recharge of a 10# Dry Chemical Extinguisher………. $35.00


*All parts and /or miscellaneous items are at an additional cost as needed.

Examples include: V.O.S. collars, Valve Stems and O-rings.



To Set Up A Training, Please Call.



Scott McMillen








The ABCs of Portable Fire Extinguishers – Selection, Use and Maintenance


Brooks has created fireextinguisher.com, an interactive learning tool to help you and your customers better understand which extinguishers to use on specific types of fires, as well as how to operate, inspect and maintain an extinguisher. Upon successful completion of this program, the user will be provided with a printable certificate of completion.

Visit www.fireextinguisher.com or contact your Sales Representative today for a CD version.

How to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher Training Video

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